Trial PMR Ends.

Assalamualaikum you alls. Salam Ramadhan !! Ihiks , lama dah tak mengupdate nya. Sorry a bit busy and no time. Cehwah retis tak aku? Mueehehe. Well. Bainun trial pmr started on 29 of July and end on 2 august.ohgoshhh happy yahooooo raya with full of laughhhh !!! tapi iterwww sedih sebab dah got one B. Geo pulaksss. know what,aku dah study beblenggnya la geo tu Tapi.......... okay Rezeki -,- But alhamdulilah. Im satisfied with my exam bcs i knew that what i done was depending on what i had went it. So,  i just keep praying -,-

On last day tu jugak la, heboh pasal kes cheating on exam tu.hmmm, donno why, im fedup. Hello batch30.wake up laaa please .yes mmg ckgu tu smpai bila nak stop cari masalah kita,but why you keep finding penyakit? aiyakk sedar la hakikat tu. im not accuse that we were wrong all the time but korang fikir sendiri la. ubah diri pun ckgu harapan tp apa yg kita nak bg kalau kita mcm ni? thinks it properly ______

I just want you to know that only Allah knows how much i miss you. How much I want our friendship back. Its a tough fact :(

Hoping doa's from all of you for my success in this Trial.May Allah bless all of you .Kbyeee -,-

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